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Read this if you are here because of drop-shipping.

"Drop-shipping" is a term that ONLY means that YOU do not ship the product to your customer.

Chasing product trends and hoping for the best is not a sustainable business model especially when you have 100,000+ people doing the EXACT same thing. Find a product, rush through a store and try to get your piece of the pie, well odds are, that pie has 8 pieces and 100k+ people going for it.

Yes, I have drop shipped from my stores, however, they were not products that I "researched" and found were trending. What I do is a build a BRAND around a product. If I decide I want to sell "dog hoodies" then I am going to be the best and most trusted dog brand out there and then market the hoodie.

I have built businesses that sustain thousands a month without using "trending" products. It's all about how you brand your product and store. How you ship the product is the least of your concerns. I still have stores that are "dropshipping" but I won't ever refer to what I do as that. Why? Because I do E-com store building and branding. The product just happens to be shipped from the manufacture.

The model that I show, is so much more sustainable. I have built 5 brands that do thousands a month and it's EVERY month. Not just when I have a trending product. So take what I am going to teach you and run with it and you will be surprised in the success it brings you.