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  What got me started into this industry

Where it all started...

I called PetSmart and quit. They offered me different hours, different position, really anything I wanted. I was a good employee but I knew I was worth more than $9 an hour. I politely declined, stated that I no longer wanted to work at that store. The manager said to me, ok you will now be "Un-hire-able". This has stuck with me, because now days he is right. I am not hirable.

Once I got off the phone with him I was extremely relieved. I felt so free. I was broke, but I was free. That anxiety was gone. I spent the day playing football with my friends, playing video games. The next day it was time to figure it out. I know there is a lot of people like me and I hope that with this course you can break out of that job you're stuck in and not feel how I felt anymore.

So I woke up the next day and started brainstorming. I had a good idea... Abercrombie and Hollister was REALLY cool when I was in high school, I was stocked in shirts and shorts, I had a collection of air force one shoes that were pretty much spotless. I decided to clear them out. I got everything together and took some pictures of each piece individually and I put them on Ebay, I got really creative with the descriptions, really sold them on the shoe. I started getting notifications from paypal and I was hooked! This was so easy. I learned pricing, strategies, writing descriptions that sell, how to ship an order. This was fun and all, but I was running out of clothes. So I needed something to sell. At the time I had this one product that I used daily, we are just going to refer to it as a coffee mug. ( It was not a coffee mug, but for the story we're using a mug as a product example) I took the $50 I had made from selling my clothes, I invested it into wholesale of this mug.

I got the whoelsale mugs in the mail, made an Ebay store specifically for them. I knew I had to stand out from everyone else selling different mugs. So this is where selling a brand comes in to play. In the next section I am going to begin my journey with ecommerce.